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  • Fanfics
    A list with 6 stories by Emma Bird 1 Likes
    Created 29 Sep 16 ●Last updated: 9 months ago

    All of my fanfictions of various sorts, including Harry Potter, TFIOS and some multifandom drabble

  • Best Of Stories 15-30 Min.
    A list with 3 stories by moonchild6901 2 Likes
    Created 7 Dec 15 ●Last updated: 4 years ago

    The title says all

  • The Best
    A list with 11 stories by Harley J. Blaze 7 Likes
    Created 18 Mar 14 ●Last updated: 3 years ago

    A list of movellas that I think are really awesome

  • Movellas you MUST Read
    A list with 11 stories by InkInMyVeins Shadownight 9 Likes
    Created 7 Mar 14 ●Last updated: 2 months ago

    Amazing books that either touched my heart, my mind, or my funnybone. You must read it.