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    So i had a new idea for a fan fic and I wrote up the first chapter last night but I'm not sure about it. So i decided to give you the blurb so you can tell me whether or not i just post and write it;
    Isabella Rose landed the Cinderella role at Disneyland with the help of her dad, but it's not the easy, well paid job she expected it to be.
    She has to juggle her long gruelling hours, demanding boss and to top it all of a certain Harry Styles who has taken a rather large disliking towards her, making her stay at Disney a difficult one.
    Getting drunk with Donald duck and hooking up on space mountain with Prince Charming is defiantly not how a Princess should act, but hey, Disney Magic and all that.

    FYI: Its not going to be like a cheesy disney adventure thing, i though maybe 'hooking up on space mountain' might indicate that
    8 years ago
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    Yeah, i would so read that <3
    Anessa Boca
    8 years ago
    I would definitely want to hear more.
    8 years ago
    sounds really good!
    Please make that into a movella sound so good and I would love to read it!!
    R Marriott
    8 years ago
    omg whats the name of your book of a girl who ran into one direction and ended up liking harry and zayn. im so sad cause i never finished it and i loved it. and i would love if u checked out my movella. Thanks
    8 years ago
    A while ago you wrote a fanfic called I can change you. I know its been a looong time, but I really want you to write it again. Pleeeease consider writing it again, It was amazing and I'm sure tons of people would love it!!!!! Please please write it again!
    8 years ago
    @seastar0200 the book has been published by penguin!You can buy it as an ebook it's called loving the band!
    8 years ago
    Hey there Em! I hate to be a bother, but could you please check out my Movellas, titled: Never Ending Backstory..? It would mean alot! Could you also please leave a comment with critism, or what you think of it? Thanks alot!! xx
    Danger's MatchBeing an orphan is never easy. That's why Arella keeps herself safe by being street smart. However, after living in foster care for 7 years, she finally...
    7 years ago
    Hey xxx I REALLY love all your novellas and I would REALLY like to help you write a new movella xx it would be really good so maybe get back to me xx
    7 years ago
    i read the movella it was amazing plz update it whenever u can
    7 years ago
    Ik this has nothing to do with it, but your the reason I joined movellas, you were in top of the pops and I gave it a try, so thankyou! x