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  • epBelle<3

    mumbled "It's Been A While!"

    7 years agoReply
    I'm so sorry guys, does anyone remember me??? With camp, and theatre, and stuff, I could hardily come on all summer! I know what your thinking,
    "She wasn't on movellas for three entire months? This girls priorities are SERIOUSLY messed up!"

    I know, I can't disagree, but I'm back now! Better late than never!
    Any way,
    Love y'all,
    Alex Catt
    7 years ago
    Hi! You are through the next round of Movellas King and Queen and the new round has started. Please check out the lastest chapter for all the details.
    Movellas King and QueenDo you want to win the title of Movellas King or Queen? It's like the X-factor or The Voice but this time it's the Movellas Factor or The Writer. There...

    All the best,
    M.A. Raven aka The Gamemaker