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  • Kelly G

    mumbled "Romeo and Juliet. HELP."

    6 years agoReply
    Hey y'all.
    Can I request the help of you guys... My class is doing Romeo and Juliet and we're supposed to adapt it in a modern way...
    Can any of you guys think of a way to adapt the classic love story?
    What I mean is that for example, Romeo and Juliet's parents are big competitors. Romeo's family owns Coca Cola, meanwhile Juliet's family owns Pepsi.
    But I know a ton of people are going to be using this idea. Can anyone think of another idea?

    As well I have to make a trailer for it... so not too difficult, please? Haha.

    Update on movellas: Yes, Love Equals Eternity has been taken down and put into drafts and yes I am editing them. I'm also working on a bunch of other stories that I'm going to post on Movellas when I'm ready.

    Happy Thanks Giving weekend (Canada)
    Niall The Nerd
    6 years ago
    Maybe Microsoft and Apple or Dairy Milk and Galaxy or Facebook and Twitter :0) hope i helped :0)
    Kelly G
    6 years ago
    Thank you! I'm gonna think about it tonight and start the project tomorrow :)
    6 years ago
    Red squirrels vs grey squirrels? Pirates vs ninjas? Directioners vs Beliebers? Plants vs zombies? Zombies vs vampires? Vampires vs werewolves? Werewolves vs weresquirrels?
    Kelly G
    6 years ago
    Omg 2 teams... That's quite a great idea! The thing is I don't know a single thing about sports... Maybe it could be like the manager's daughter and the other manager's son... Are there managers? I don't even know.
    Whitman: Thank you. I love the werewolves and weresquirrels idea, haha. So creative! I have something to start on now... So thanks y'all :)