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  • MadAsDino (Jenty_blue XD)

    mumbled "Valentines day!!"

    I know this is a day late but I wanted to share the adventures of me as a single person on Valentines day.
    So the morning started out pretty shit, I was late for the bus and they had to stop for me, I got to school and my best friend decided to go off with her boyfriend and leave me alone but then everything started to get better.
    My friend bought me chocolate because both she an I were alone and I shared it out between all of the single people I could find telling them that they didn't need anybody else because they were perfect with or without a man/woman at their side (not dissing relationships).
    I sat with my friends and had a laugh because one guy in particular decided to moon a teacher when she wasn't looking and then continued to lick his finger and rub his nipple behind her to. We were sitting there laughing as she as talking to us, she caught on ad said "what? is it the shirt?" we laughed harder because my guy friend was imitating her but she dismissed it and walked away. Her face was sooo red though.... after that my brother bought me lunch (and normally he hates me) and I got so full on chocolate and burgers that I was going to spew!
    Valentines day was definitely one of the best days I've had in a while, even if I was single at the time :)