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    mumbled "I'm not dead, don't worry. "

    MY GOODNESS. I have a lot to say. I'll try keeping this as short as possible though, don't worry. Some of you may or may not know that I clumsily injured myself about a year ago. 5 months later, when I hadn't even fully recovered yet, I managed to worsen my condition. From then until about a week ago, I was like a handicap who could barely do anything. I don't want any of you to pity me for sharing a boring sob story, but I went through quite a lot this past year and four months haha.

    NOW THAT THAT'S OVER, GUESS WHAT?! Jenny LuRoaxe proudly announces that “You're Mine. I Bought You." is no longer on hiatus! I am so sorry to all of you who have gone crazy waiting for an update, but do not fret, I will post the next chapter shortly. And by shortly, I mean SHORTLY. I won't sleep tonight until I finish that next chapter! >:D

    I read all the comments and saw how the popularity of the Movella has progressed even though I was not even updating. It made me so happy. I wish I could send all of you a hug and some cake lols. Thank you so so so so much, my Beauties! :)x
    Well I'm Chelle
    6 years ago
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    Yay!! I'm so freaking excited for the update! Get well (or heal or something like that) soon!
    Skylar Styles <3
    6 years ago
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    Can't wait for the update!!! X