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    Ok first of all let me just point some things out

    Before you start reading this know that I'm just stating my own opinion and I have a right to do that.

    Ok well you see people who talk about the drama that is going on in this site is really just creating drama.

    I'm not pointing this mumble out to someone I'm pointing it out to anyone who does this.

    I get it you want to state your own opinion, but talking about it and stating your opinion is a whole different thing.

    Honestly this drama doesn't bother me because I never get into that, I know when drama starts happening to just stay out of it and let them deal with it. Shouldn't you do that to?

    If it's not about you, if it's about your friend or anyone else let them deal with it, this isn't your drama to get sucked into.

    State your own opinions that's fine but you have to expect someone to say something bad about your opinion.

    Like me I do expect someone to say that I'm wrong, and that's ok if I'm wrong to them, but I feel like I'm right.

    So am I going to start a fight with the person who calls my opinion stupid? No because after all it's a opinion. There's may be different than mine.
    If I offended anyone with this please tell me because that wasn't my goal with this mumble.

    My goal was just to show you guys to please stay out of drama that doesn't belong to you, and if it does ignore it.

    This website is for writing and practicing writing for your future. Not for drama. That all.