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    mumbled "HEY NOVEL IDEA. here's the prologue stuff."

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    Novel Idea

    Main Character's name: Avasa Burakgazi


    In my world, if you could call it that, the people, and animals, are all characters, or even stories if you would put it in that context. We stay as we are for a while and live our lives normally, not characters yet, and just exist, until we are of a certain age for our preferred character. Then we are given a plot we are supposed to carry out. That's all. This world we live in we call The Writer's Mind. Some of us succeed with our personality and people enjoy us. Others, not so much. After we live out the story line given to us, we live out the rest of our lives, but we have to live it as the story as our history, as it was. Out entire life is planned out, and any feelings for anyone, hatred, love, amusement, are all real because although it's chosen for us, life plays on as it should. I haven't been decided yet. So far I have lived to be nineteen years old, and dunno when I'll go to get my fate decided, though I'll only know part of it; the genre. All I can hope is that when I do get it is it's nothing stupid. I wish I could choose my own fate, and someday, They will let someone choose their fate, but at least that's what it's said. No one believes it, as it's been an entirety of Their life and not a single person has. If you haven't caught on yet, we technically don't exist. We're just thoughts and ideas in someone's mind, until written down. That's when we truly become stories, when we are written down and shared with the world, our personal life being cut open wide for all to see. Nothing is secret, no hopes or desires, faults or embarrassments, it's all out for everyone to see. And we can do nothing about it. Sucks to be a story, right? Especially when we know we're going to be one. Though people lose their memory when they are made a story, and given a plot, a back story, and sometimes even their name is changed, but that's only when the rough draft of the person wasn't apparently good enough. Oh, and I should mention, only the ones that are to be main characters, whether supporting main characters or the exact main one, exist in the mind before the story is made. So I already know that I'll be a main character, but dunno my position for form of main character. I'll find out when my description is called for for a character. That could vary from days to years from now. I've already been called several times, but it's because the descriptions are typically vague. Maybe my character will just waste away and never be known? But I highly doubt that since you're reading this. Also probably means that I'm the exact main character. Also probably means that I'm just being made to say these things at The Writer types them out. Tch, hope you 'enjoy' me.