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  • MarcelLover26

    mumbled "Hello!"

    Official Updating Schedule for MarcelLover26 (just because she's back)

    Monday - Finally Falling
    Tuesday - NO STORY UPDATES
    Wednesday - NO STORY UPDATES (unless I decide to publish a new story in the future)
    Thursday - Silent Stripper
    Friday - Silent Stripper and Finally Falling
    Saturday - Finally Falling
    Sunday - NO STORY UPDATES (unless I decide to publish a new story)

    I have to make this schedule because I have this new OCD where I can't do anything unless it's been scheduled. I know, weird.
    I'm glad to be back.
    Last time I said I was back, I ended up leaving again for very personal reasons. But now, I'm here to stay. :)
    I love you guys so much, and please check out my current stories:
    Finally Falling (Luke Hemmings FanFiction)
    Silent Stripper (Harry Styles FanFiction)

    Let me know how you guys have been since I've been gone in the comments, and tell me if we've been friends in the past and something that happened between us to help me remember you! I notice some very different usernames, so that's why I'm asking lol.
    Remember that I am your queen, and you are my peasants.
    I'll see ya soon! Xx
    MarcelLover26 (Allyson)
    1 years ago
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