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    Okay so it's 8 am and I am in my bed with all my pillows, blankets and my laptop. My spotify is playing rn 'Alarm' by Anne-Marie and after I have finished writing this I go and make my self a cup of coffee.
    I have some bad news and good as well.
    The bad news: I am sick and miss my chemistry exam today. I have to do it then in Wednesday, but I have another exam in Wednesday too and the subject isn't my favorite, geography... The geography exam isn't even that difficult. I just need to learn the whole freaking Europe's map. Every country and it's capitol and some lakes and come mountains.
    The good news: I have time to write my story. So go read it the link is below ↓↓↓

    Summer rainWho is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen...

    Love ya all, I hope that my chapter will not suck as much as the previous did... -l@ur@