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  • Mary Lindsay

    mumbled "contact help"

    how do you get in touch with the site people?? I have tried sending an email off and still no luck.
    Enby Angel
    4 years ago
    Do you mean the Movellas people? You can contact @[Skye S] through her page or her email in her bio :) They're very busy people, so patience is appreciated! :D

    If you need any immediate help, you can post on my wall or the wall of any of the other ambassadors :)
    Mary Lindsay
    4 years ago
    awesome ok thanks for that yea the people who run the site I want to see if they can get something back for me even though I deleted it :|
    4 years ago
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    Hi there, I am one of the people who works for Movellas :) Unfortunately, we can't get back deleted items, but if it's a story make sure to check in your drafts section to see if it's there - I'm sorry that you didn't get a reply when you contacted Support - it can sometimes take a week for a reply because we're so busy, but we're working on our response times.