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  • Helen Hood

    mumbled "writer's block"

    4 years agoReply
    Hey, everyone! I'm not dead and I also haven't abandoned you guys. I've had some serious writer's block. Not only that but I've gradually lost interest in 5sos. I will, however, continue to write Fatal Love. The fourth and final book I will also write before maybe finally hanging up my pen. This isn't the end of Calum and Helen. They will be back and I can't just leave y'all hanging. Just be patient.
    xx -HelenHood
    Chloé Hood
    4 years ago
    How have you lost interest in 5SOS!!?!!?!?
    4 years ago
    It's sad to hear you've lost interest in 5SOS but thank you so much for letting us know you are okay. It's so sad to hear you are going to stop writing fanfic also, because you are by far my favourite fic writer..but I give you my support in finishing this chapter of your life.