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    mumbled "Long time no see"

    Hello everyone! How are you all?

    I've missed the Movellas community so much, I hate that I've become so inactive.

    Here's an update of my life that nobody asked for:

    - I've nearly finished high school! Just 3 more weeks! It's unbelievable and quite frightening. Soon I'll be in univeristy D:
    - During our school holidays I went on our school study tour to Canada and the USA, it was an amazing experience. Although I do wish we could travel more but we already had so much crammed in 2 weeks!

    I also never thought no other couple could top my OTP of Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov... but I have been proven wrong.


    ^Introducing, the characters of Isak Valtersan and Even Bech Næsheim.

    I'm.. just.. so in love with them.
    I love them as much as Viktuuri.

    They're from a Norwegian TV show called 'SKAM'
    Unfortunately, it's over now and I'm really sad.

    But the issues they have in this show and how they handle it is amazing (Especially in Season 3 centering around Isak). There was some controversy in how the issues in Season 4 was handled but other than that it is definitely a must-watch.

    (Pssst @[Prodigy] you should totally watch SKAM and cry with me)

    In conclusion (excuse me I've been writing too many essays), life is pretty great, I'm still a cringey fangirl, and I'm crying over school (does that contradict the 'life is pretty great' comment?)

    Bye now my loves.

    Alt er love <3
    3 years ago
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    omgg I've been meaning to watch that!!
    Music Saved Me
    3 years ago
    @[Prodigy] it's the best thing ever omg pls watch <3