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    Dad.. sorry Mom died when I was 9 sorry I was too young to help pay for the treatments sorry I'm only 11 now sorry you can barley pay the bills sorry I'm depressed but you can't even tell sorry you don't know that I have suicidal thoughts sorry for having a high IQ and have one B in Spanish sorry I'm 100 lbs already sorry I'm not pretty enough sorry I couldn't fight back when my sisters abused me sorry I couldn't stop the PFA against you sorry I barely know you sorry I'm not a pretty little princess you want me to be sorry I'm a tomboy sorry I'm a gymnast instead of a runner sorry I bottle my feelings up inside sorry I can never meet your expectations sorry I won't let you hear me sing or read any of my songs sorry I'm not like other girlssorry I don't wear makeup sorry I put my hair in a ponytail sorry I hate dresses and skirts sorry I wear a lot of black sorry i turn down every single boy that asks me out sorry i break down on the inside but nobody ever sees it sorry I fake smiles everyday sorry i feel like im a worthless piece of shit that should go die in a fucking hole sorry you say im better that my sisters(druggies and achoholics and broke) and I say im not Are you and Mom sorry? That since I can remember whenever you were home everyone fought. Are you sorry that my sisters abused me physically, emotionally, and mentally? Are you sorry you ever had me. I know I may seem like a happy, bright, bubbly girl in the outside, but on the inside my brain is at war. What am I supposed to do. It's been two years since Mom died, my sisters haven't spoken to us in three after that moved out. I debating suicide or turn out just like my sisters. Bright happy girl or depressed one nobody likes. I don't even know why I'm writing this. Maybe this is the only place I can get my feelings out without everyone knowing who I am and what I'm like
    Finchy McFincherson
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    Perhaps you're right. But I'm here... forever and ever. So yeah...
    Somebody kill me please
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    I know
    Finchy McFincherson
    and so is Finnlay..
    Lady Whimsy
    2 years ago
    There is a poem I wrote it is called Everybody's Life is Hard
    I'm sorry that you feel like this, and that all of this have happend to you ... Please just keep going, and hold on. Life will get better