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  • 暗い戦士

    mumbled "Is it worth it?"

    I have a number of stories I'd like to get out and publish here on Movellas, but at the same time, I don't want it to suffer the same exact fate as my previous stories. They've, for the past two years, been gathering dust, growing in the number of views but then no responses as such. If anyone is aware of any other sites which offers a much more rapid means to receive feedback, please let me know.
    Mister Tea
    2 years ago
    I basically stopped paying attention to the number of views I get, because I figure people are going to find one of my stories but you're right about the diminishing numbers of comments left by those who do. You don't even seem to get even a simple I read it or I liked it comment anymore much less real constructive criticism.

    Although I'm not sure I'm that unhappy about the lack of CC left behind as I know I don't have the ability to take it and improve my writing.

    Still I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional I liked it in spite of the flaws or something like that left in the comments, that could be nice.
    2 years ago
    @Mister_Tea Exactly. Every bit of criticism helps.
    2 years ago
    there are a lot of people who likes your stories but sometimes there are some who couldnt give feedbacks because they dont have an account or dont want to create an account. That use to be me until i decide to create an account so I can like and and give feedbacks on the stories ive read and liked.