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  • josiah92806

    mumbled "im sorry @the bullied lesbian"

    2 years agoReply
    im sorry i called u a fucker a whore i want u to know im so sorry for the things that i have i just want yu to i am ur friend even if ur not mine
    Oh Deer I'm Queer
    ive said a billion times no matter how many time you say sorry its not going to do anything for you
    2 years ago
    Good on you @ The Bullied Lesbian!!! @josiah92806. If people did things and said I'm sorry the world be a messed up place. No offence. Thales what she says and just leave
    Oh Deer I'm Queer
    thank u
    2 years ago
    God can't forgive you if you can't forgive others, even if what they did was unacceptable.