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  • J.K. Panesar

    mumbled "I'm Back!"


    It's been a while (more like a few years) since I've been active. I first joined this site 7 years ago & OMG it's changed so much since then (and so have I!). I'm going to be graduating this year and starting my masters, but want to get back into my writing! I've unpublished a few books, still going through my works & sorting out my profile. I'm planning to re-write some books & publish some new things too! Looking forward to being more active on Movellas & see what the future brings!

    For now I'm looking forward to what you fabulous Movellians have been writing! Many old faces that I remember have come & gone, but seeing a lot of people that I haven't had the pleasure of meeting! Comment below with a link to your stories and a simple sentence describing what it's about. I will slowly work my way through them and give back as much CC as I can. <3

    Lily Anna
    1 years ago
    I remember you! Welcome back. :)

    Obviously don't feel like you have to read any of my work haha, but if you want to I'll do a little list so you can pick which one you think you would like most.

    Claw Marks and CorridorsFelicity saw something she shouldn't have. A dead girl in the bathroom at school. Not just any girl, Robin Cross, the head girl. Since that night all she's...

    It's kind of a mystery story with some horror/monstery elements in there (man I suck at explaining my own stories haha). It's the first draft so pretty rough right now, but am planning on a rewrite right now actually!

    Lie Like a MagpieMaggie has dyed hair but faking her hair colour isn't the only thing. Her name, her identity, what her parents do for a living; they're all faked too....

    Another mystery thriller story, but with more actiony/spy kind of stuff in it. Also needs editing, but this one is significantly less rough than the one above!

    Blank Out[NaNoWriMo 2018 Draft] "A lot of people spend their lives wishing they could forget all the bad things they did, but when you have no choice but to...

    A mystery story about a girl with anterograde amnesia (meaning she can't make new memories) trying to figure out some of her past. This one I wrote for NaNoWriMo this year. Only up to chapter 6 is uploaded though!

    I mean the blurbs probably give a better idea than my bad descriptions xD But anyway, I also have poetry up on my account if you're more interested in that!

    Hope your graduation goes well and I can't wait to read some of your new work too! :)
    Ms Holly
    1 years ago
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    Hey, welcome back!

    You don't have to check my work out, but if you want to, I have a few.

    Breakout"All Gods are real now," they said. They didn't say they could escape.

    A post-apocalyptic sci-fi story in which the gods of old and new walk the electrified wasteland they created.

    Silence's Voice'Other' fanfiction. Category: AT, or Alternate Timeline. Same universe as canon, but a different point in that universe's history. Just an assassin. Nothi...

    A gaming fanfiction set in the centre of a shady cult of cutthroats.