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  • Lily Anna

    mumbled "hi, I'm not dead"

    4 months agoReply
    So, I haven't really posted anything or been active for a while, but hello! I have news, well not exceptionally big news but news all the same.

    You may or may not (let's face it, probably not) have noticed that my two completed Movellas (Claw Marks + Corridors and Lie Like a Magpie) now have empty chapters, and are purely just covers and blurbs. And the reason for this is? I'm rewriting and editing them both (but like properly, I have a paid beta reader looking at CM+C right now and man is it scary but exciting.) The reason for this is I would really like to start to pitch to agents soon when my drafts are the best I can make them! I felt like it was time to take them down, as I know I can't have them posted up here when I'm trying to go down the publishing route.

    Anyway, thought I would post a little update. That's where I'm at, whilst drowning in my uni work! Exciting times and very stressful. Redrafting is a struggle, it really is, but it's getting me one step closer to my dream of publishing! So that's really good too. :)
    Jem Wakefield
    4 months ago
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    Wooo, how exciting! I love CM+C and think it really deserves to be published. I just took my books down too for the same reason- feels weird when they've been up for a while but exciting too. Good luck!!! :D
    Lily Anna
    4 months ago
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    Thank you! :) I wish you luck too, you are so talented and also deserve to be published.