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    So I just found out that someone on Wattpad copied Danger, which was one of my old Harry Styles fanfics, that I posted on here in 2014! The person posted it in 2016 but still acted like it was her own and gave me NO credit at all. People were reviewing it as well. It's funny because when I posted it on there, I got NOTHING. Not a review or a single read by anyone but when the person who copied me did, she got everything. It's honestly very unfair how someone would do that. I wrote the story when I was 17/18 years old but I still worked hard on it! Thankfully the person deleted it after I commented that she copied it but I'm still very upset that someone would do that. She really thought she wasn't going to get caught.
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    Yeah! That really sucks! I can perfectly understand how it can make you mad! Even if it were just a simple short story. I'm glad that at least that person deleted it. -_- Though she/he ought to have their account deleted as well! Unfortunately it happens all the time, be it with writing or art. It's the risk all creators take when they share they're work on the internet ...