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    Finally uploaded the last chapter to Blood of the Pure ^_^
    Thank you so much for keeping me company during these 30 long chapters.

    This was the first book of this type I wrote and, as all first times, it still holds a very special place in my heart.

    I do hope you enjoyed it. Above all I hope you’re note cursing the author too much, crying tears of blood or any other drastic expressions of anger? disgust? killing intent? =^_^= nyaaaa!
    Please don’t curse the author too much for I do believe in the power of negative thoughts? curses? and so on.
    Anyways, if you enjoyed Blood of the Pure, please write a review (without spoilers lol Have you suffered reading it? Please don’t ruin the suffering for others to come ohohohoho! *_*) Vote for it and so on. Depending on the feedback I receive I’ll continue to write on this platform (since I had never written anything online I started on a few different platforms and ended up dropping them as time went by and I felt that they weren’t a comfortable home for my children - yes I’m insane like that!). Also, don’t forget to follow Gaea 2 - Light of the Shadow ... A different story, yes, but well ... the world is such a small place after all.
    Hope you had fun. Hope you laughed and cried (or at least felt like it, and not out of despair for the hundreds of never ending pages). Hope you fell in love. And hope you liked it enough to keep following my work.

    Love and Kisses,

    The insanely crazy Author!

    The End