Movellas is getting a new look!

by , Thursday August 20, 2015
Movellas is getting a new look!


The same Movellas you love, but even better





We’ve had something cooking for you these past few months and we’re very excited to finally show you the results. Starting from the middle of next week, our website is going to have a shiny new design. (hint: you can catch a sneak peek of the new front page in a mysterious, obscured form above)


The redesign of the website didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ve been listening to your feedback and this is simply the first step in a new direction for Movellas. All of the features we know and love will still be available, but on top of that, there will be three main areas of improvement:


Expose your work

One of the main things we’ve focused on is making your content more visible and more visible means more views, likes, and comments on your stories. The way we’ve done this is by having stories from all genres rotating on the front page, so users, both old and new, will be able to dive right into all your awesome stories.


Focus on cover art

Since content will be more visible, great cover art will be more important than ever. The new design will show off your best cover designs and give your work the props it deserves. We will also have more content in the blog that will focus on helping writers create cover art that is going to catch eyes.


Meet more people

A complaint we’ve heard is that it can be difficult for newcomers to meet people on Movellas. We think the best way to meet people is to start following great writers! That’s why we will have a running list of featured authors you can follow with one click directly from the front page.


We know change can be scary and we are prepared to take all of your questions and comments. Once the design is launched, we expect there to be some kinks to smooth out, but with your feedback, I’m sure we’ll get it done in no time.


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