5 reasons fanfiction writers deserve more respect


Because creativity and talent should be recognized


As a fanfiction writer, you’ve probably gotten it before: the look that’s a mixture of disdain and disbelief from another writer who doesn’t write fanfic. But maybe the fanfic haters shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Here at Movellas, we are fiercely proud of our writers, no matter what genre they’re writing in. Check out our five reasons why fanfiction writers deserve more respect.



Reason #1: The Ridiculous Deadlines

You’ve probably done it yourself on Movellas. “Update please!” “Update NOWWW!” The intentions are all good, but to the author, it can be stressful to face that kind of pressure to deliver new stories.




Reason #2: The Criticism

We’re all about constructive criticism on Movellas, but there is a big difference between feedback and just being mean. Fanfiction writers put up with more than their fair share of snark.




Reason #3: The Accusers

Do you think J.K. Rowling wakes up to notifications accusing her of plagiarizing their work? Well, actually, she might, but our best guess is that it’s not a common occurrence. Fanfiction writers, on the other hand, put up with this on a regular basis.  




Reason #4: The Disbelievers

We all struggle with our own identity as writers and some days the words are just queueing up to be written - and some days they don’t. Keep in mind how hard it must be, on top of that, to deal with the fact that some people don’t consider you a real writer because you write fanfiction.




Reason #5: The win/win

Fangirling out loud is, well, loud and it feels so good! Fangirling on paper isn’t loud at all, but still feels awesome, so innocent bystanders don’t have to shield their ears from the high pitched shrieks. Everyone wins!




These are just 5 reasons off the top of our heads. Can you think of more reasons why fanfiction writers deserve more respect?

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