Our Winners for the Carry On Writing Competition are...

Announcing our winners for the Carry On Competition

Check out the winning entries!


This was a great competition by My Kinda Book and Movellas - thank you to all those who participated! The writing competition celebrated the October 8th UK release of Rainbow Rowell's new novel, Carry On. The competition's winner has earned a guest blog spot on My Kinda Book's blog AND a signed copy of Carry On! Also here are the 3 runners up and their winning contributions.


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The winners are...(drumroll please)



1st place

The prize: a signed copy of Carry On, plus a guest blog spot on My Kinda Book. 

In addition to being a popular story with other interested Movellians, this entry was chosen as the winner because of its serious story told through the dark, tense conversations of a host of equally alluring characters.


"We are at war. We need only the best. And sometimes the best comes from the worst of us."


Gasoline by To The Moon & Back

















2nd place

The prize: a hardcover copy of Carry On.

This short story has it all, a ghost, a tragedy, and the saddest, scariest twist in the end.


"It is a curious thing, how, even without a child, one can still be a mother."


The Mother by Emma Bird

















3rd place

The prize: a hardcover copy of Carry On.

This wonderfully vivid story tells us the thoughts of one frantic protagonist in the aftermath of something awful.


"The girl steps out of the mirror, cutting her hands against the loose shards of glass. She never really liked living as a reflection."


Glass by Rose

















4th place

The prize: a hardcover copy of Carry On.

This dark short story centers on a traumatized girl, a horrific scene, and the questions lurking in her mind in trying to understand it.


"How it all ends, how it all begins..."


Road Unending by JuliaWasHere


















Winners will be notified by email. Congratulations and enjoy the books! :)

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