5 Harry Potter Ships We Want to

Harry Potter Ships We Want to

A Potterhead? We love Harry Potter fanfiction on Movellas - here you have our top five ships!


by Sofie R. E


Here at the Movellas office we're Potterheads, and we looove Harry Potter fanfiction! We ship a lot of Harry Potter couples so bad, but we miss more fanfictions about them - so shouldn't you be writing our next favorite Harry Potter fanfic?


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Our top five Harry Potter ships:


1. Dramione

The classsic: Hermione and Draco. This is honestly my favorite - I love the way they're so different, yet so alike. They're both ambitious and I really feel the tension between them! I ship them so bad.



2. Jily/Snily (Lily and James/Lily and Snape)

Want to tell the unwritten story of what happened at Hogwarts before the books? Here you have the opportunity to write about Hagrid as young Tom Riddle. And perchance also the awesome love triangle between Lily, James, and Snape? If you want to then change the story, make Lily end up with Snape - or maybe Tom instead? Oh the choices.


3. Harry and Hermione

Even Rowling admitted that Harry and Hermione would be quite a kick ass couple! And honestly - though I ship Hermione and Ron more - I still love the idea of Harry and Hermione together!


4. Tom Riddle and Ginny

What if Tom Riddle fell in love with Ginny while trying to make her open the Chamber of Secrets? What if she fell in love with him? I would love to read a story about the couple - I think this would create such an interesting story!


5. Voldemort and Lily

People usually ship Voldemort and Bellatrix, but I love the thought of something between Voldemort and Lily - it makes the conflict so much deeper if Voldemort had a reason to kill James (and Lily).


Don't forget about LGBT fanfiction

I love reading LGBT fanfics, and though the couples here are heterosexual, you could write a whole other blog on how Harry Potter LGBT fanfics would make for great reading. I reaaaally want to read more fanfics where, for example, Ron is gay (maybe Ron x Harry or Ron x Draco), or Hermione in a love triangle with Ron and Ginny? Or a love triangle with Snape, Voldemort, and Dumbledore? Or Lily and Bellatrix?



When it comes to the world of Harry Potter Fanfiction, the possibilities for awesome ships are endless. There's even weird ships like Drapple (Draco and an apple. No, we're serious) to ships with fanfic movellas on Hinny (Harry and Ginny). Here you can find an awesome list with a lot of other ships!


Which ship is your favorite?



Thank you Sofie R. E. for writing this blog and creating the banner


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