Finding Dory: A Movie Review

by , Wednesday August 3, 2016
Finding Dory: A Movie Review

Movie Review on one of the most anticipated films this summer, Finding Dory

written by spongebobninja☕️


We  all know about Finding Nemo, right? The hit Pixar film did back in 2003? After 13 years the second film, Finding Dory has come out and it’s better than ever! You may be thinking, does Dory get lost? 

Finding Dory is a wonderful film starring Dory (obviously) (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) and her friends Marlin and Nemo, who go on a quest to try and find Dory’s parents. But there’s one problem: Dory suffers from short term memory loss, meaning she’ll forget things very quickly. Throughout the film she meets new characters and starts remembering vivid things about her parents. 

The movie’s animation is spotless! (I mean, Dory has some spots below her eyes..ha…ha...ha….) It is really amazing that even Finding Nemo had the exact same animation and that was years ago! The rich colours of the under sea world make you really feel like you are a fish yourself :) The scenes fit in well with the mood too, like when Dory gets lost in the scene was just an empty, dull shot of the water. 

I utterly enjoyed this film! The mixture of humour and sadness is what made this film truly brilliant. All the characters are unique and voiced well. The film even follows directly on from Finding Nemo, which is great because in other movies with sequels, it tends to start very differently. 

My favourite character would be Dory. This is because even with her bad memory, she always lives by her father’s quote, ‘When something is too hard, there is always another way!’ This is really inspirational and what keeps Dory swimming. She is also really kind and caring towards her friends and does grow emotional attachments with them very…very fast!

I rated it a 5/5. If you haven’t seen Finding Nemo or Finding Dory, put that on the things to do this weekend! It’s definitely worth it. 



      Rating 5/5



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