The Ten Most Underrated Disney Villains

We all love Maleficent, Ursula, and Hades, but these overlooked villains are equally grand.

10. Bowler Hat Guy/DORIS (Meet the Robinsons)

With fearsome gadgets, an insidious plot, and an elegant fashion, this is truly the most terrifying Disney duo ever. While Bowler Hat Guy was technically in the spotlight, DORIS was the thinker, but both supported each other. Originally, DORIS was a helping hand until she began to question orders; whereas Bowler Hat Guy had a rough relationship with Lewis that turned into a lust for revenge. Their plot resulted in one of the scariest Disney sequences ever to hit the green screen.

9. Kathrine Barlow (Holes)

She's robbed every bank from hell to Houston. She began as an eccentric schoolteacher and Sam's love interest, Barlow finally joined the dark side with the murder of her true love, becoming another fallen hero. Killing the head of the police and usurping a gang, she buried her treasure so well that no one could find it for one hundred years. Yep, no movie without her. And you've got to admit, there's just something charismatic about her. I mean, how can you possibly hate her?

8. General Hux (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

He's Adolf Hitler in a nutshell. Despite all the success of the sequel trilogy, Hux wasn't exactly a part of it. He was the High General of the First Order and he walked in equal stead with the Sith Lord Kylo Ren. He may seem like another no-nonsense officer at first, but he just has an aura about him that commands respect... or else. He spends the entire movie comitting genocide in order to locate and murder Luke Skywalker, by the means of capturing BB-8. And he has more confirmed kills than any villain in Disney history.

7. Mad Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone)

Mad Mim doesn't have much screen time, but this wicked witch made an impression. She is Merlin's archenemy. She may equal him in strength, but her powers are used for evil and his are actually useful. She is seen only when Artur winds up in her home, prompting Merlin to intervene. That's right. This woman is so depraved that she tries to kill a child just for insulting her powers. And when Merlin does as much as react, she takes it as an act of war and tries to crush him! She breaks her own rules and takes the results. Did I ever say she had a brain?

6. The Firebird (Fantasia 2000)

Talk about an underrated villain from an underrated movie. The movie itself was a very loose form of entertainment Disney wanted to introduce in the 40s. It was pretty swell, but the classical music and silent animatics made it one of the most olden-days-tastic Disney movie I've ever seen. However, who really sold the movie was the Firebird. A ruthless monster who would do anything for peace and quiet. He can't even bandage his skin. He only exists to destroy, slumber, and destroy! He has no affiliation with anyone. The Firebird. Truly a plague on mankind.

5. Percival McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under)

While the evil poacher is an exhausted stereotype and an untrue trope, McLeach takes it to a whole new level. He's no Claude Frollo, but he's one caniving, sadistic man. He slaughters animals and kidnaps children for fun and profit. He also has a great singing voice. He spends the entire movie torturing a boy for information. Besides, does his rifle scope serve any purpose besides seeing the terror upon his unwitting victims? Honestly, you can just tell that he had fun playing his role.

Also, a huge shoutout to Madame Medusa.

4. Royal Pain (Sky High)

Easily the most memorable and intelligent villain from the live-action catalogue, alongside Kylo Ren. The movie is both cliched and wonderful, and Royal Pain is no exception. With her tired name, awesome suit, and incredible performance, she is every shade of awesome. She's a Technopath and has shown signs of Super strength. Originally, she was the Commander's archenemy, who intended to transform all the Light side mutants into babies and raise them in her own academy of crime. However, Commander turned her into a baby instead, so she was raised by her (unaffected) sidekick, grew up, reattended school, and seduced the protagonist of the film. All this so she could try again! Talk about dedication. And awesomeness.

3. Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)

Ratigan is an evil, psychotic, murderous, power-hungry criminal, and proud of it. He's constantly full of murderous rage, but it doesn't usually work for him. He uses charm and charisma as his way, but there's no doubt he is repressing a monster inside. So it shouldn't be a surprise when he finally lets it out. At the same time, his tactical brilliance makes him so lovable. Like when he sets up a sick wannabe of the game Mousetrap, triggered by a record saying that he'll miss hunting them down. But his true moment is arguably one of the only songs in the film. Here's to Ratigan, the most evil rodent ever. Also, Vincent Price. VINCENT PRICE!!

2. Shan Yu (Mulan)

Shan Yu was the warlord of China, as well as the only Disney villain to be a serial killer alongside Frollo. He didn't actually have much screen time, but he didn't waste a moment for what he had. He's typically all stoic and charismatic, but you can just feel the monster waiting to strike out. So it's not much of a surprise when he commits genocide all throughout China and chases Mulan like a drunken dog. Truly admirable Disney villains are like him, bearing the strength to take down the entire army of China and survive lava for hours immersed. I mean, just listen to his voice! And it seems that he actually commands his army through respect, not fear. And God help you if you challenge him in battle. All this is why he is the most badass, powerful villain Disney has to offer. I mean, Jafar? Ursula? Maleficent? Freaking wusses compared to this guy.

I mean, just watch this and tell me he shouldn't be on here.

I still watch this and whistle with admiration! Sign me up for their next attack!

1. The Horned King (The Black Cauldron)

Some villains are big, some are bad, but this one is the freaking undead! With his fiery eyes, his bony claws, and his nostril slits, kids were scared motionless when they saw him. Most villains (like Yzma and Facilier) go for their kingdom or something, but the Horned King took it a step further. And he has freaking fire eyes! Now while most Disney villains have a dash of humor, this one doesn't. He doesn't waste time. He also had one of the best Disney villain plots ever -- HE TRIED TO INITIATE THE ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!! His very appearance is the stuff of children's nightmares. And if you think his voice is lousy, you have no soul.


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