Stop The HATE!!

by , Wednesday October 12, 2016
Stop The HATE!!

Have you been bullyed!? Do you want to stop it!? Help US!!

I am starting a anti - bullying system!! What we will be doing is everybody who wants to join the "club" and become leaders of this group will post out a quick no more than 2 minute video! We want you to help us please!!

im sick of the people who dont listen to me and i want them to listen. i thought that maybe make a video. a video that explains us. its like a video were we tell them who we are and if we want why we feel alone or just why we are against anti-bulling. if you dont want to do it. then just say im out otherwise tell me if you are and then just make a short clip as short as possible no more than 2 minutes and send it to me. i will make a who revision for it and will send you the whole thing asap
If you can if you havnt done it already could you please add your sexuality, name, age, and 1 thing you hate about bulling. If you want you can also say school you go to or what state you live in. It wont go viral. Inless ALL you guys are ok with it. But the more people to do this the better. I want it to be a big amazing video that will get people to start thinking about bulling! And get them to stop it!!

The videos for this thing will not go viral! If you are a person who dosnt want it viral send the video but say "Not Viral" And i wont add it to the video I will post on facebook! Email the video to me! Also if you have any questions and comments just email me with the email below! Help us make this world a better place! I love you all! Lets stop the hate in this world and make people feel spechial! I will be hopefully getting someone to record the speech im going to do in a few weeks i hope and I will be showing up to 5 people's storys for the speech! I hope you guys help and this will be amazing! This will hopefully help others and ourselves!
Email me at:


Videos will be posted if they are ok with being posted and we will try to make this a whole world wide thing so if people can start soemthing up like this at there school then send pictures and videos of the event we want this to go viral to the whole world!!

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