What I like about Christmas ~ for the blogging competition

That merry season is coming in less than 2 months!

I absolutely love Christmas and all it has to offer! Here's a blog about what I like about Christmas!

1. Christmas Music


First of all, the christmas music! From Jingle bells to soothing instrumentals, any music can make this jolly season jolly! The music gives a sort of, happy feeling and you feel up and about to do things e.g set up the tree, so that's why you should start the music earlier! 


2. The Tree


Of course, the Christmas tree! Looking at the tree, lit up with colourful lights, sparkling decorations and a few ornaments under the tree is such a pretty sight. Especially in the night when it's all dark!


3. The Food 


The food! Roast chicken, steamed vegetables, mashed potato, then a great decadent dessert afterwards. The food makes the atmosphere amazing, especially because of the smells! Oh and don't forget, opening christmas crackers too and seeing what goodies you'll find!


4. Family


Last but not least, family! Without family, Christmas is just not the same. It's a nice feeling spending time with your family at christmas, whether it be on holiday, overseas or more commonly, together at home!



How do you spend Christmas, and how do you plan to spend it this year? What's your favourite part of Christmas? Have any special Christmas memories? I'd love to hear them! Comment below!

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