My ships

by , Wednesday May 3, 2017
My ships

These are all of my ships and the fandom they're from

I wrote this a while ago but I'm pretty sure it's all accurate

These aren't really in order so yeah...

Papyton (Papyrus x Mettaton - Undertale) [If I had to choose one ship to be my OTP it would be Papyton because I've shipped it for so long and I love it so much that when I see it I get the same fluttery feeling I do when I see my crush or something and I think I need help oml]

Joshler (Josh Dun x Tyler Joseph - Twenty Øne Piløts) [My second OTP but I don't think it will happen and I love Jenna so don't get me wrong]

Alphyne (Alphys x Undyne - Undertale) [It's literally cannon]

Sarendon? (Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco) x Sarah Urie (His wife)) [Sorry, no Ryden here]

Nicepants (Nice Cream Guy x Burgerpants - Undertale)

Padlock (Kinda) (Notebook (Paige) x Tony (Clock) - DHMIS) [Kind of a crack ship]

Janiel (Joey Graceffa x Daniel Preda (Joey is a YouTuber and Daniel is his boyfriend so...) [They better get married]

Troyler (Troye Sivan x Tyler Oakley (Troye's a singer and Tyler's a YouTuber?) [IT'S NOT DEAD]

Soriel (Sans x Toriel - Undertale)

Romione (Ron x Hermione - Harry Potter)

Rubapphire (Ruby x Sapphire - Steven Universe) [It's cannon, so...]

Lapidot (Lapis x Peridot - Steven Universe)

Conniverse (Connie x Steven - Steven Universe) [It's going to happen]

Pearlmethyst (Pearl x Amethyst - Steven Universe)

Larsadie (Lars x Sadie - Steven Universe)

Shyren x Napstablook - Undertale [Idk where this came from but I like it]

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