Dear Diary- outcast

by , Monday May 29, 2017

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Dear Diary 

Dear dairy 

Today in school, I saw this guy. He was so cute! I haven’t seen him before so I asked my best friend Mary if she had seen him before or if he was new. None of us had ever seen him before so we agreed on figuring out where him came from going through the day. But we didn’t have to do us the trouble because, a bit in to our first lesson, our inspector came in saying there was a new student in class. Me and my friend looked at each other hoping it was the really hot guy we had seen in the hallway earlier that day. To our luck and big relief, the really hot guy walked right in to our classroom right behind the inspector. He looked so cute with his brown golden hair, the dark brown eyes, his muscles… his lips.. diary I swear! He was SO hot! You seriously should have seen him. Even though he looked really hot, there’s still where some kind of mystery about him. When the lesson ended my girl-friend and I moved on to the next class where he also were. The next class was physic and we should do some kind of groupwork. I didn’t have a partner and neither did the new guy. So, asked him to partner op, but of course the schools mean girl got there before I did. They partnered up so I just had to partner up with disgusting Tom. It isn’t to sound mean, you know that diary, but why do I always end up with the disgusting ones...? he showered 1 a week. No wonder I doesn’t have any friends.  I walked towards the table where he sat. we haven’t really spoked before so I was really surprised when he started talking to me. The first half of the lesson I didn’t really listen to what he said. But then he said something really interesting. He mentioned he went to the opera house in Lancaster to see the musical, The Lion King. My heart stopped when he said that. I had the female lead in that show, but I hadn’t told anyone beside my best friend, Mary. To everyone else I had just said I was sick, or went to the doctor. And diary, I swear, I am pretty convinced the other students think there is something seriously wrong with me. My mom insisted on telling my school and asking them if it was okay if I took the lead because I would have to miss at least 5 or 6 months of school. Lucky for me they said that I ofcourse should take the part. Their only condition was that I have to take and intence summer school to follow up on the missing part, and I had to get at least a B+ in every test. I think that was fair considering it wasn’t a part of the school. 
Anyway diary, Tom said he thought the head lead in the musical looked like me. I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him about to say, I have no idea what you are talking about. Me? And actor? I don’t think so.. but in stead diary, I said to him that it was fun she looked like me. If I said to him it was me he would tell the entire school.. wouldn’t he??? Oh diary, I am so confused.. do you think I should have told him?? 
After school I ran right home called my agent asking what I should do if he figured it out. He said he could take me out of the school and teach me at home. My agent, was also my bonus dad.  He was the king of the united kingdom. Oh dear diary. The entire school already know I am a princess.. they dosnt have to know I have the lead in the biggest musical ever made in the UK. I mean how royal is it for a princess to want to become an actor? Not greatest idea, huh? 
Oh diary I am so confused. I wish you could tell me what to do… 

I will talk to you tomorrow. 
Love Princess Isabella of the United Kingdom.

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