Top FIVE Historical C-Dramas!

by , Thursday November 2, 2017
 Top FIVE Historical C-Dramas!


For times when K-Dramas just aren't cutting it anymore...

I ventured into the world of C-Dramas shortly after I finished the Korean Drama Empress Ki. The history surrounding the Chinese characters intrigued me and that's when I realised it had a whole genre of its own. Enter: C-Dramas! I've watched my fair few now and I'm ready to commit to a list of the top five historical Chinese dramas. Let's do this!

5. Chronicle of Life


This drama is set during the Qing dynasty and portrays a really conflicting love triangle. You don't know who you're rooting for and I still haven't quite made up my mind. Lin Lang is the daughter of a traitor who fleed the slaying of her family, commanded by the government after a misunderstanding of loyalties. Kangxi is their boy king, who meets Lin Lang as a child as they're both fleeing their own enemies. Many years later they meet again, Lin Lang now a palace servant and Kangxi as the emperor of Qing. Lin Lang has lost her memories and only the emperor recognises her.

In those years between, Lin Lang was taken in as a servant in Rong Ruo's house to save her life. They're childhood friends and Rong Ruo also harbors some feelings for Lin Lang that he can't ever let out. Rong Ruo has now also become a personal guard to the emperor. 

The drama tells a sorry story of everything not meant to be. I feel the image I found for this drama shows it pretty well. Daughter of a traitor and the emperor of the nation who murdered her family. Then the man servant who wants to take Lin Lang for himself and steal the emperor's woman. What a mess.


4. Scarlet Heart​

​This is the original Scarlet Heart that the Korean drama of the same name is based on. It follows a very similar plot centred around multiple Qing princes.Our main character is a 21st century woman who after an accident is transported back in time into an identical body. She is now the sister-in-law to a prince of Qing. With the harsh wake up call she acts out and this quicky attracts the attention of those far and wide about the crazy noble lady. 

It's her sister's marriage to one of the princes that allows her to meet the rest of the royal family and all of the brothers.She creates close friendships and bonds with many of them and stands off with others. In particular there is the mysterious fourth prince who she thinks may have sinister intentions and then there's the eighth prince, her brother-in-law who slowly finds himself falling in love with his wife's sister.

It's their doomed romances and inner palace affairs that contriute to the appeal of this drama. You can't stop watching and you can jump quicky from one ship to another. 


3. General and I

​General and I is a 2017 historical drama. It's a battle of brains between the two main characters who are genius military stategists and childhood lovers fighting on opposite sides, Bai Ping Ting and Chu Bei Jie. Bai Ping Ting is a mere maid to Chu Bei Jie's enemy and happens to be the strategiest behind his enemy's toughest fight. When the enemy's house falls Chu Bei Jie sweeps in and discovers the spitfire maid who is perhaps fiercer than any man he's fought, and also the woman he loved as a child. She's still loyal to her house and fights heart and feeling to remain unchanged. 

What I liked most about this drama was how these characters were both equals. Neither dominated the other like how others on this list might come across. That being said, I did only find this show marginally more enjoyable than the other dramas and compared to the next two it was a lot slowers and typical than you might like.


​2. Princess Wei Young

​This drama killed me, brought me back to life, and then killed me. It's savage, empowering, tragic, entertaining, and consuming. All at once. The story follows Feng Xin Er, the princess to the northern Liang Dynasty. Her family is killed by a neighbouring dynasty and she accidentally enters their territory and meets the character Wei Young, the outcasted daughter of the Northern Wei's Prime Minister. Wei Young has been branded bad luck and sent to live the rest of her days alone in the country. The two get on well, despite being born enemies. A few episodes in, Wei Young is killed via assassin by her step mother to better advantage her real daughter. It's then that Feng Xin Er assumes Wei Young's identity, none of her real family having seen Wei Young since she was a child.

She moves back home a changed person. Wei Young was known as a child as timid and small. She's returned as a young woman, strong and smart and now a real power threat to Wei Young's sisters. Feng Xin Er's intentions are to get revenge for the real, dead Wei Young and make her family pay for her death as well as using Wei Young's position as the prime minister's daughter to get closer to the emperor - the person responsible for her own family's demise. In doing this she becomes tangled with the princes of Northern Wei, all of them fascinated by the intelligent woman hidden by the prime ministers family.

What I loved about this 50 episode epic was how tough Wei Young was. She had her goal and it never faltered. Not in the face of love, life, or death. She was getting her revenge even if it killed her. The story wasn't ever simpe either. There were several plots against Wei Young running all at once by even the most unlikely people and the best people were by her side cheering her on even if it would kill them too. The tragic ending had me in tears and it really sent a hard hitting message.

All I can say is Wei Young was an epic warrior, princess, empress, and woman. This drama was very close in earning the spot at number one.

1. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love/To The Sky Kingdom)


This 2017 drama is both fantasy and historical set in the fictional sky kingdom occupied by various tribes. Another translation of this dramas title is Three Lives, Three Worlds and I find that fits really well. 

Our story starts off with the character Bai Qian, heir to the fox clan tribe who decides to alias as Si Yin and train at mount Kunlun under the god of war, Mo Yaun. Bai Qian admires Mo Yaun, and you could say she possibly even loves him. It's during her stay at Kunlun mountain when a war breaks out between the ghost tribe and the nine heavens. During this war Mo Yaun sacrafices himself to lock the Ghost Tribe emperor in an enchanted bell to protect all of the sky kingdom. Si Yin is devastated but returns to her place as Bai Qian in the fox den and prepares for an arranged marriage with Ye Hua, a physical reincarnation of her dead master Mo Yaun, an immortal and heir to the Nine Heavens who's thousands of years her junior. 

Soon the Ghost Tribe emperor threatens to break free and Bai Qian is first to seal it back up. Like her master before her, Bai Quan sacrafices herself too. She reawakens with no memory of her past life as a mortal in the human world. What's really happenings is a trial for the immortal to ascend to high goddess status. It's only by cioncidence that Bai Qian meets an immortal in the mortal world, and that immortal is Ye Hau, her arranged suitor who she hadn't met before entering the mortal world. It's here that the two live a secret life together, what seems to be a forbidden romance when in the immortal world they are paired from the start.

I loved this drama for the unique story that I'm trying my hardest not to explain start to finish. It was so different that I never skipped a second so I could eat every scene up. The concept of the same people meeting three different times as three different people in three different worlds - and each time the story ending much the same way is really heartbreaking. The filiming was beautiful and the concept of a nine heavens and immortal world connected to the mortal was wonderful watching.

It was an all over beautifully crafted story and I wouldn't be surprised to see this drama adapted into foreign productions. I'd recommend it to everyone.



Thanks for reading, I hope you enoyed. Have you seen any of these dramas? If not, do any of these seem interesting? Let me know.

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