An introduction to me and my writing!

by , Wednesday February 7, 2018
 An introduction to me and my writing!

How I plan on posting on Movellas and on Commaful

Some details about my posting schedule and stories

Hi there!!! Welcome to my blog here. As mentioned, I plan to post both here and on Commaful, so be sure to follow my Commaful profile HERE to get all the updates for the stories I don't also post on Movellas.



Posting Schedule:

I don't post super regularly, but I plan to post horror stories and poetry on Commaful and romance stories on here.

You can probably expect me to update my Movellas once a month or so with a new story so make sure you hit that follow button so that you don't miss anything :)

I write during holidays and weekends so you're more likely to be able to reach me on those days (I'm also more likely to post during those intervals)


About Me:

I have been writing for several years now and I'm excited to finally be sharing more of my work online. Please feel free to reach out any time!

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