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Chrissy Sky talks about booktuber Katie Wismer’s brand new self-published poetry book and her experience designing the cover!



You may or may not be familiar with the booktube community - a circle of book lovers all creating fabulous video content about the one thing they are all passionate about... reading and writing. Booktube isn’t just another faction of YouTube creators, these people are the intellects of YouTube society that are driven to share what they love with others on the same wavelength, to entertain and inspire, motivate and celebrate reading. Put simply, booktube is the best kind of YouTube!

Recently though, I was lucky enough to collaborate with one of these booktubers I speak so highly of and designed the book cover for her upcoming debut release, The Sweetest Kind of Poison.


About the Book

The Sweetest Kind of Poison by Katie Wismer is a collection of poetry about toxic relationships and letting go of what no longer serves you. It takes you through the fall, the collapse, the withdrawal, the recovery, and the now, chronicling a journey of abuse, heartache, confidence, self-love, letting go, and growing up. Because sometimes only our darkest experiences can bring out our raw strength and help us find the people we are meant to be.

To my delight, I was sent an early digital copy of The Sweetest Kind of Poison (for research purposes of course), which Katie was still editing at the time. Her writing got me hooked from the beginning, I just couldn’t stop reading. This isn’t just any kind of poetry collection - this one tells a story; singular poems flowing into one narrative like rivers into an ocean. The whole thing from cover to cover is just a brilliant and emotional journey of affliction, acceptance, strength and dignity. Katie shows so much of how a hurtful experience can in fact change how you perceive things. Instead of solely focusing on the heartbreak she uses her poetry as a handbook for the reader - to show them that nothing is the end of the world even if it may feel like it, and that knowing your worth is the most powerful asset you can have.

“this pain and darkness you’ve caused

is the water poured on the seeds

of my poetry.”


About the Author

Katie Wismer (a die-hard pig lover) goes by the channel name of Katesbookdate and regularly posts reading/writing vlogs, bookish unboxings, book tags, reviews and miscellaneous videos about delicious vegan recipes, trending Netflix shows and the occasional beauty haul. Definitely go check out her channel, it’s honestly just fabulous! As well as YouTube, Katie is also in her final year of college in Colorado, has two adorable little dogs and is currently in the process of writing a science fiction novel which she is documenting in regular writing vlogs.


Watch some of Katie’s recent uploads:         


I can tell you now, Katie is a wonder to work with. I first contacted her after she announced in a reading vlog that she had decided to self-publish a writing project she’d been working on for two years. Yes, the same piece of writing that is now proudly displayed on my bookshelves! It was a team effort really, I certainly can’t take all the credit. Katie helped me out with brainstorming initial ideas and things she already had in mind for her book’s cover, back and spine, paired with my own creative thinking. Several covers were designed (see the design timeline below) before the final one was chosen and refined... and then refined some more.

Additionally, Katie also assisted with the research into making cover art compatible with CreateSpace, the Amazon-run publisher allowing writers to easily self-publish their work. As this was new territory for me, quite a bit of time went into figuring out the details of how not to mess it up. Luckily, that was time well spent - it worked first try.


At the time it of the very first email, I never thought anything like this would happen, but now just a few months down the line I’m holding my own physical paperback copy of my own cover design, and soon hundreds of other people will be as well. As rewarding as this is, it has also made me realise that maybe this is what I should focus on and since then I’ve been wondering about taking graphic design a lot further. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this project and for so many reasons. I’m extremely lucky, because despite having skills and experience with design, I was simply in the right place at the right time. Working with one of my favourite booktubers was an absolute honour and I can’t thank Katie enough for being so open-hearted.

“He was the sweetest kind of poison, but poison nonetheless.”


Order your copy of The Sweetest Kind of Poison - released on August 12th 2018!


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