Good Girl Falls For The Bad Boy

by , Saturday September 8, 2018
Good Girl Falls For The Bad Boy

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Kia is a girl who loves a good story. She never thought she'd find herself in a full book of her own. She met a guy who turned her whole world around and twisted it upside down. Never had the she though she'd fall for a guy. A gang leader of the most feared gang like ever. To be honest she's always been attracted to girls. She thought she was lesbian since she was young never really having attration to guys. She always had attraction to tuff dominant girls. Never had she thought she would fall in love with him. 


Brick is the leader of the toughest gang. He's really cold and doesn't like anyone. Everyone fears him and just the mention of his name will send people into a nervous frendzy. He's not a romantic either. Tends to stay away from anyone. He owns a bar and stays in his private room until he needs to do anything else or he's so bored he decides to go home instead. He doesn't do relationships because he's never had a person that got him excited that way. No one that really interested him. Then Kia comes along and he finds himself falling for the girl. Things become dangerous as other gangs find out about this and try to get Kia to use as leverage. Now he must do someting he's never done before. Protect the person he cares about. 

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