Best TV Show Ever 


You guys High School Musical: The Musical The series was so good I absolutely loved it the opening for High School Musical was so funny I thought the chemistry of the cast was so good because they aren't forced to like each other and that's what I loved about it so much also It kind of reminds me of glee because it has a little bit of drama to it which I loved and I loved the jokes in the show but one of my favorite jokes was "Did I just join a cult." and Here's my favorite "Where are you supposed to be?" "Broadway!" but my favorite joke "Is that a garage door opener?!" Omg I laughed so hard at that it was so funny. But anyways I really did love it because it's the funniest show ever and although I am kinda disappointed that I have to wait every Friday for a new episode to come out which is not bad I guess but anyways go check out the new High School Musical Series it's the best TV show ever!! 

Also coming soon I'll be writing a review for Disney Plus that came out last week so stay tuned! 

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