Historical Fiction Contest

by , Friday April 26, 2013
Historical Fiction Contest

When you are deciding where to set your latest movella, have you ever thought of the past? 


Historical fiction continues to be one of the most popular genres to write and read. Great romances during World War II, epic battles across continents, personal and political intrique in the Roman Empire, tales of rich aristocratic families and of people getting by during hard times... the past can make your writing a thousand times more interesting before you have even started! 


We want to encourage even more of these incredible stories and reward the very best... so submit your movellas to this contest to be in with the chance of winning some awesome prizes. The only rule is an obvious one, your movella has to be set in the past!


To give you a little inspiration (and a clue about the selection of books that you could win!), the awesome people at Hot Key Books have provided extracts from three of their best historical novels: 




A World Between Us 

"An epic romance set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War"


At Someton: Secrets and Sapphires 

"DOWNTON ABBEY meets GOSSIP GIRL in this racy first instalment of an exciting new sequence"


The Quietness

"A gripping, moving and haunting Victorian drama from a debut author"


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