Be a YouTube star!

by , Friday March 7, 2014
Be a YouTube star!

Interested? Then read on…

We were looking at our YouTube channel the other day, and it struck us that it could do with some TLC. So over the coming months we’re going to give it a revamp. 


But first…we need an AWESOME welcome video, explaining exactly what Movellas is to everyone out there.


So we sat and we thought. And we thought and we sat. Then we stopped thinking for a bit and went on Instagram. Then we had a brainwave!


Why don’t we get the MOVELLIANS to explain exactly what Movellas is?!


So your challenge is this:


Make us a video explaining what Movellas means to YOU! Why do you like it? How has it changed your life? What’s cool about it?


Don’t want to be on screen? No problem. Design us an amazing poster explaining what Movellas means to you instead.


Make your video no longer than 20 seconds long. Upload it to your YouTube channel (if you have one) and here too!  Make sure your poster design is landscape. To upload your video or poster, create a Movella and upload your video or poster under the media button.


The winners will be featured in our official YouTube channel’s welcome video! Wow! 

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