A Christmas Writing Competition

by , Monday December 2, 2019
A Christmas Writing Competition

Because we all love a good Christmas tale...

Write your own holiday fic and earn extra presents!


♫ ♫ "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..." 


The cold of winter has set in for most of us and we know that Christmas is coming! The year is going to wind down nicely with presents, food, and cheerful company. If we're lucky, we may even get some snow! We'd like to take this festive time to introduce a new writing competition worthy of the holidays.


We've done these Christmas competitions differently from year to year and this time around we are keeping it simple, you don't have to make an advent calender (because you already have one of those!) or write a minimum number of chapters - all you need to do is write your entry in whatever form you prefer. After all, it's your holiday too and so it's good to relax and enjoy yourself at the same time.


How to Participate

You can write a diary entry, poem, novella, or fanfiction - we all share our joy in different ways. Just choose at least one of the options below:


Write a tale with classic "characters." Pixies, Santa Claus/Father Christmas, reindeers, elves, dwarfs, angels, snowmen, and/or other characters such as these need to be a part of your story. They don't need to be the main character, but they must play a role.


Write a tale about finding lost Christmas joy. At least one of the characters in your story needs to find their christmas joy, whomever she or he may be...


Your Christmas tale is (partially) set in another universe. You choose if the whole story is set in another universe than the one we know, or if it's only partial by someone finding an entrance to the other universe... You can make up your own universe too, or write a story set in an already existing universe, like one from your favorite Disney movie.


If you don't want to write something but would rather design, you can create a Christmas cover or fanart inspired by the same themes :)



Winning stories will be shared on Movellas' social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ etc.)


1st Place will receive a $25 Amazon gift card to pick their own prize.


2nd Place will receive a paperback novel of their choice, or a $15 Amazon gift card!


Best Cover/Fanart will receive a post-Christmas themed surprise from the Movellas Team :)



Open globally

Multiple entries allowed (maximum - 3)

You may not update your entry/movella once the competition deadline has passed.

You may not use the same movella in future competitions.

You may not use a movella that has already been published in other competitions.

Check out the Competition FAQs for more!


NOTE: Covers must use resources licensed under CC0, or Public Domain. If you’re creating something that will be listed as a fan work, then you may use resources relating to your chosen fan-base (or combination of fan-bases), but it must be listed as fanfiction when you release it on Movellas.
    We're so ready to read a good Christmas tale...



The competition ends December 31st, 2019 (20:00 PST)

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