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So this is a list of some of the best poets on the site. I think... haha

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    Ian Gallon
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    I'm a retired scientist, and while at university I met poets and started writing myself. Most of my poems were written in my early twenties. Entering some of these into Movellas has started me writing...   
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    I love writing, dancing, crocheting, car racing, writing,and so much more I just had an account here and had to start another it would not let me log in. Now I have to lose everything.   
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    A loving father of two wonderful Ladies( Sheeru&Shilpa) and grand dad of three wonderful girls(Ashu,Anyu,Shivani) and doting husband to a childhood sweet heart Pramila. A Banker, trainer,counsellor...   
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    No longer active!   

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