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its about my favorite authors

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    - - - inactive - - - - - - find me on wattpad - - - > goparkjimin   
    She literetly has amazing books. They're so perfect and so heart touching.
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    nataly :)
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    inactive here social media; instagram: carelessdan kik: exoticmalik wattpad: carelessdan   
    Nataly, has the best fanfic books ever. Literetly amazing books.
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    *** Hello! I used to be very active on Movellas, but took a break for a long time. I am making my return, however, and hopefully I will start writing here regularly again! *** One time I was cool...   
    She has THE BEST band fanfics ever. She needs to share her gift. <3
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    ✞ to say that we're in love is dangerous, but boy i'm so glad we're antiquated ✞ 1.2.16 not only is it cold baby, it's dark. twitter // xoxarctxcmonkxy instagram // crycrycryy the weeknd...   
    Amber has the best reality books. She can literetly make someone cry. Perfect.

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