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Just a list of all the people I adore. If you're added to this list *moves closer to you and whispers in your ear* It means ily...

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    hello I'm an overly enthusiastic piece of trash If you're going to be really awesome and read any of my work, I'd suggest the following: -When the World Falls to Darkness (if you're into longer fantasy...   
    You're amazing, extraordinary and ily
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    Hi if your reading this then you've taken the time to check out my page. I don't really care how you got here but I just wanted to say HI!!! Okay if you haven't already noticed I am a bit hyper but don't...   
    You're a great author and like Jess, you always know how to get me in a better mood.
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    Beautifully Music Nerd
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    *Community Ambassador* G- Goofball A- Awesome B- Beautiful B- Bright Y- Young Follow and I will follow back! Everyone who does is in my movellas family! Welcome! :) Accomplishments: 1. Best Cover...   
    Funny, smart, I just love you
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    wattpad: @stabbed instagram: @caldidas twitter: @namt0723   
    I'm not afraid of showing my true character to you. I love you butt faced peach <3 <3
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    nataly :)
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    inactive here social media; instagram: carelessdan kik: exoticmalik wattpad: carelessdan   

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