The Official Pan Family

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Created: 15 Sep 14 ● Last updated: 5 years ago

We are the Pan family, the people on this list are the official membes

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    Glacier Ice
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    High School is hard, okay?   
    Twin to Gravity(Has a bio)
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    Queen Gravity Pan
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    People want to be friends with me because I seem to have a "gravitational" pull... HAHAHAHA, just kidding. I like bad jokes.   
    Twin to Glacier (Has a Bio)
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    Not Your Baby
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    First off, ♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will♥. Next,*90% of girls would cry if Justin Bieber was going to jump off a building. Put this...   
    Currently the runt of the family, but she's still our little Jade(Has a bio)
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    The Girl Who Waited
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    ~Allison~ United States Hispanic and Proud   
    One more new sister. (No Bio yet)

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