My Best Baes

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My Baes fo LIFE

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    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    Stories by the author45Fans of the author317Comments posted to stories by author8128
    (Is it too much to ask people to like, comment, and favourite if they really enjoy a story? Is it too much to ask people to follow if they like an author on here? No? Cool) Profile pic by Carmie-chan! ...   
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    Amour Sera
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    Personal info- Name: Sera RS: In love with my fiancé Senior at AHS Future Psychologist Will soon study at Morehead University Writing info- It's going to take me a while to get started again,...   
    SERA! you are amaizing and perfect and truley amazing! I'm really happy that we talk more and that we have so much in common! <3
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    I'm back.   
    One of the coolest kid ever!
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    i'm back.   
    My wicked SISTA! I love you so much! I can't explain it :) <3
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    *** Hello! I used to be very active on Movellas, but took a break for a long time. I am making my return, however, and hopefully I will start writing here regularly again! *** One time I was cool...   
    I love you Andi, even if we have drifeted apart, you were and always will be the closest friend that I have had. &lt;3
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    Jack Wordsmi⊥н
    Stories by the author15Fans of the author126Comments posted to stories by author3361
    |-/ 《《《 ♫ Online [ ] Offline [ ] On and Off All Day [♧] ...........…..………...............………… Ahhh I see you clicked the full summary ;) It seems you have just displayed stalkerish...   
    My Teenpa! you are litertly my best guy friend here. No seriously. you are really cool even tho, you're old. You are still cool :)
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    Black Beast
    Stories by the author9Fans of the author53Comments posted to stories by author455
    Massive Creepypasta fan. I like writing supernatural stories and I like to role play. I personally love criticism on my stories so if there is anything bad about my stories don't hesitate to say so.   
    Ryan! you're a pretty cool kid to talk to. Although sometimes I don't understand a word you say xD You're really cool. :)

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