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I love y'all. You guys are a part of my clan whether you like it or not XD

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    Gotta Blast🚀🚀 -Alisha   
    You haven't been on much Alishia! Come back!
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    비니 콩
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    Lol no   
    Beanie babe! BVB babes for life Cx
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    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
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    (Is it too much to ask people to like, comment, and favourite if they really enjoy a story? Is it too much to ask people to follow if they like an author on here? No? Cool) Profile pic by Carmie-chan! ...   
    I'll make sure Jeff leaves you and Ben alone mouse XD
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    i'm back.   
    Amazingly talented writer
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    †☮Beauty Was An Option?†
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    ☮☮♫ ♫† † ☮ ×♡My ovaries automatically explode when i see Niall James Horan.♡× I'LL GO GAY FOR MY BAE LANA DEL REY ♡♡♡♡♡^▽^♡♡♡♡♡ Umm..Okay...   
    HANNA <3! The Harry to my Louis.
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    Kirsty S
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    Started in 2014, left, and 2020 brought me back. All previous stories have been deleted and will not be worked on again. Starting fresh! About me: •18• •USA• •female• •band geek• •nursing school...   
    Hey Kirsty!
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    ⊰Welcome to Neverland⊱ × March 1 , 2020 × A Midnight Illusion • Busy • Offline × Updates & New Stories Coming Soon × To be continued...   
    Heyo! :p
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    Emo, yes it is short for emotional. But ,there is more to emo then hair and looks. Emo is a state of mind. Most people, made themselves appear emo. While in reality, they have too much hope to be emo....   
    My freshie!
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    Be kind to people on your way up because you'll see them again on your way back down. "I have a dream that secretly all teenage girls feel exactly like me. And maybe one day, when we all realize that...   
    Luna, such an amazing writer!
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    Saint Laurent
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    ☾ it's our paradise and it's our warzone☽ samira   
    My Samira boo! <3 <3
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    Lexi Love <3
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    *** Hello! I used to be very active on Movellas, but took a break for a long time. I am making my return, however, and hopefully I will start writing here regularly again! *** One time I was cool...   
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    Life is crazy just like you I'm different •Calum Hood•   
    Awesome Ana C:
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    Beautifully Hemmings
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    Hey! I'm Beautifully Hemmings --> Perfect has 7 letters and so does meeeeee. Coincidence? I think not. ~Movellas Ambassador 2014-2015~ Twitter - @Castawayxhoran Wattpad - @Beautifully_Hemmings Polyvore...   

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