What would I do without you?

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Created: 18 Dec 14 ● Last updated: 4 years ago

Some incredible people I've met on this site in the past 9 months, thank you for being my friend. :)

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    당신은 매우 아름답습니다 I'm wild and free, like Jackson's treetrunk thunder thighs! don't worry, this is @TiaElise under a new name hopefully I am no stranger to you   
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    do you ever feel personally offended by mika's existence   
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    Call Me Satan K.T
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    •Atoms make up the entirety of this world and I want to destroy every one of them• •'nah that's not wimpy you just fuckin shanked yourself good job proud of you xx' - booskie (Evan R.J) 2k16• •'I...   
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