My Saviours

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Never meant to be the one ,who kept you from the dark. But now I know, my wounds are sewn, because of who you are. I will take this burden on, and become the holy one, but remember I am human, and I'm bound to sing this song.

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    *** Hello! I used to be very active on Movellas, but took a break for a long time. I am making my return, however, and hopefully I will start writing here regularly again! *** One time I was cool...   
    Andi <3
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    비니 콩
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    Lol no   
    Beanie <3
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    USER USED TO BE MOOSEY AND PEN NAME USED TO BE HOUDINI Logged back in on 9/9/2018 Logged back in on 3/27/19   
    Nolan <3

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