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Created: 8 Aug 15 ● Last updated: 5 years ago

Some of the best people I know. Mostly Babes. ;*

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    Boybands, what more can I say?∞The only thing I am guilty of is being hungry ∞ Tis be Christy!!! :) A 17 year old girl waiting to turn into the beautiful swan her momma always told her about. ∞ Things...   
    She's a bit witty and a lot fun. :) And she's one of the babes. ;*
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    Black China
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    alli || 19 i love so much stuff it can't fit into a bio. 1999. college kid. dead inside. wannabe writer. cover maker. video editor. never updates. ☼ active stories ☼ baby mama - incomplete trap queen...   
    Not afraid to speak her mind. :) And she's one of the babes ;*
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    "The Emotion is driving me empty. The Emotion is building up inside of me". -BORNS   
    Totally chill. :)

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