Amazing Movellians

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awesome Movellians that I've met :)

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    Eat, Sleep, Write
    Stories by the author15Fans of the author73Comments posted to stories by author635
    Hello, fellow movellians. My username is Eat, Sleep, Write. But, you already knew that. I'll follow anyone that asks me too. And, I might follow you if you follow me. I love writing. That's why...   
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    Broken Hearted
    Stories by the author2Fans of the author29Comments posted to stories by author385
    I am talk kinda big   
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    Stories by the author0Fans of the author2Comments posted to stories by author17
    I am an otaku god!! that is all for now. Don't judge .-.   
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    Stories by the author4Fans of the author251Comments posted to stories by author2789
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    May Hayashi
    Stories by the author44Fans of the author139Comments posted to stories by author3820
    Be the side-character everyone loves Hiya! I'm May, I'm your resident transgender, lesbian, Christian, feminist, singing. song-writing, poet. If you have any questions about any of that, feel free...   
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    Limited Wonders
    Stories by the author33Fans of the author40Comments posted to stories by author1025
    Loves to write and to read, likes Peter Pan stuff. My new favorite stories are Jules Verne, 20 thousand leagues under the sea, and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. My favorite artist is James Christensen,...   
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    Parsavagely Hayashi
    Stories by the author63Fans of the author207Comments posted to stories by author4757
    HELLO! I'm Parsavagely or Parsley if you can't be bothered typing that. (Or Par if you can't be bothered typing that). Anyway, take some parsley and (hopefully) enjoy my many writings. **Bigender** If...   

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