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Vantaas means cool and awesome in informal Hindi language :P This a list of movellians who have made my life interesting

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    I've been on movellas for a pretty long time. Love being the granny- ya know.. Once upon a time, a rainy writer.   
    My fellow stalker and one of the first Movellas friend I have. She is really a interesting person and a hardcore stalker. :P
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    Oh, schist, you actually found me! Well, first thing you need to know is music. The rest will soon follow. I love Linkin Park, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me the...   
    The most awesome person ever! XD Posts some of the best gifs and memes on here. She is also my opponent in a welcoming competition we have. *glares at Sky competitively* :P
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    I like to sing ....oh and I love love love love love movellas . Oh and I'm nice-ish and if your looking for movels that aren't the norm come stop by . Love cat bug : 3 and love comic books I try...   
    What can I say? Kinny's really funny and awesome. And my friend and I really love this guy XD There has not been one time when we are discussing about movellas and we don't mention him.
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    Parsavagely Hayashi
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    HELLO! I'm Parsavagely or Parsley if you can't be bothered typing that. (Or Par if you can't be bothered typing that). Anyway, take some parsley and (hopefully) enjoy my many writings. **Bigender** If...   
    He is also one of my first friends on Movellas. ^.^ A really nice poet indeed and really nice person too.
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    Mystique Iris
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    Come back to life love, I'll be here when you wake up -...   
    She doesn't come here much but being my school friend, I know how cool she is. She is REALLY cool once you become friends with her or for you she would be like -_-
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    Limited Wonders
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    Loves to write and to read, likes Peter Pan stuff. My new favorite stories are Jules Verne, 20 thousand leagues under the sea, and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. My favorite artist is James Christensen,...   
    He is a really sweet person but now he doesn't come here. I miss him :(
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    Hi there! I'm KuraiSenshi *points to Japanese username above* I'm a writer, a gamer, an otaku and I love listening to songs. If you think that I'm even remotely interesting, don't feel shy! Leave a...   
    UT ;)

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