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on the list it means i trust you with lots of things and i might give you my email sometime numbers dont matter

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    amazing and always there for me even if im mad at a stupid score XD
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    Name: Dillan Age: 16 Height: 6'0 Values: Soccer and food and my aunt. Favorite Food: pizza Favorite Sport: Soccer Long or short hair: Short Gel or no gel: Gel   
    Because we got over our fight of the death and im glad me and him are friends again XDDD <3
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    Hey i'm Sam, but you can call me Cass or BooBoo (both from awesome people!) Just an average girl ...   
    MY besT FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD.... but sometimes she ignores me and wont talk to me at all and makes me be filled in fear.... shes means a million to me (like a sister)

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